Daniel Stanford's body of work is designed to provide a pathway to higher consciousness that is tethered to earth's beauty. This careful balance is inspired by a Feng Shui approach, where juxtaposition is embraced and seemingly-opposing elements converge to enhance and strengthen the finished product.

Stanford applies archival materials that reflect the sequence of the five elements and bolster Feng Shui ideology, such that the wood gives rise to fire, fire produces earth, earth gives birth to gold, gold creates water, and water makes wood. New work further showcases ancient techniques by employing encaustic wax and natural tree resin to produce highly textural work.

This East-meets-West energy is evidenced throughout the work: Ancient traditions and spirituality are contrasted by contemporary vision and techniques to present a collection that encourages introspection, stirs emotion and provides a global perspective on beauty and sensuality. Avant-garde and timeless at once, Daniel's work exists to remind its admirers to observe and appreciate the harmony and beauty in everything: "Beauty is not an exterior artifice but rather the reflection of our inner soul."